First Database

In this section you will start a Peer Server with a memory database. Peer server is only included with Datomic Starter and Pro editions. See: Get Datomic

Peer Server Memory Database

In a production system, a Peer Server connects to one or more Datomic databases, exposing them for clients. As a development convenience, a Peer Server can also serve transient, memory-only databases. The following command will launch a peer server with a database named firstdb.

bin/run -m datomic.peer-server -p 8998 -a myaccesskey,mysecret -d firstdb,datomic:mem://firstdb

This command runs the Peer Server on localhost at port 8998, secured by the secret mysecret. The database will be available until you kill the process. The Peer Server is a JVM process and as such, you can pass along JVM args to the datomic.peer-server command.

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