Example Datasets

  • The MusicBrainz dataset makes a great example database for learning, evaluating, or testing Datomic.

Code Samples

Third Party Examples

  • Datomisca is a thin idiomatic Scala layer around Datomic aimed at exposing Datomic’s functionality and leveraging its full power.
  • Diametric is a library for building schemas, queries, and transactions for Datomic from Ruby objects.
  • Immutant as a Datomic Storage Service.
  • Molecule is a meta-DSL in Scala that allows you to make type-safe queries to Datomic with the words of your domain.

Open Source Projects

  • codeq imports your Git repositories into a Datomic database, then performs language-aware analysis on them, extending the Git model down from the file to the code quantum (codeq) level, and up across repos.
  • Simulant is a library and schema for developing simulation-based tests.