Document Index

Getting Started

A Brief Overview of Datomic Overview of the Datomic System and Architecture
Get Datomic Download and Install Datomic
Connect to a Database Get Connected to a Datomic Database
Transact Schema Defining and Transacting a Datomic Schema
Transact Data Transacting Data into Datomic
Query the Data Querying for Data from Datomic
See Historic Data See Historic Values of Datomic Data
Tutorial A detailed walk-through exploring Datomic, with code
Local Dev Setup Run a local Datomic system with durable storage, Peers, Clients, and Console


Architecture Introduction to Datomic architecture
Clients and Peers How to Access Datomic
Videos Screencasts, conference talks, and community videos
Console Using Datomic's console UI
Examples Example code and datasets
Client Library How to integrate the Datomic client library into a project
Peer Library How to integrate the Datomic peer library into a project
Storage Services Configure Datomic to use different storage services
AWS Running Datomic on Amazon Web Services (AWS)


ACID How Datomic implements ACID
AWS Access Control How to grant Datomic processes access to AWS resources
Backup and Restore How to backup and restore databases
Best Practices Datomic Best Practices
Capacity Planning Sizing a Datomic system
Change log Release notes and change log
Clojure API Clojure API documentation
Clojure Client API Clojure Client API documentation
Configuring Embedded Storage Configure storage for free: and dev:
Configuring Logging How to configure logging
Data Structure Literals The literal data structure syntax used in the documentation
Database Functions How to create and call database functions
Datomic Deployment Deploying Datomic
Datomic Properties How to read Datomic properties files
Entities Navigating information with entities
Exceptions Datomic's use of Exceptions
Excision Irrevocably excise data
Filters Time and predicate-based database filters
Glossary Terms used in the documentation
High Availability Transactor HA
Identity and Uniqueness How to model identity and uniqueness
Indexes Indexes: EAVT, AEVT, AVET, VAET, and Log
Java API Java API documentation (javadoc)
Language Support Accessing Datomic from various languages
Legacy Storages Legacy Storage Engines
Log API Read and query from the log
Memory and Caching Datomic's value caches
Migrating to IAM Roles How to migrate from IAM users to roles when running on AWS
Monitoring and Performance Monitoring with CloudWatch
Peer Server Running and Connecting to the Peer Server
Peer Getting Started Five Minute Getting Started with Datomic Peers
Pull Pull information about entities
Query How to query
Release Notices Critical release notices
REST API REST API documentation
Schema How to define schema
System Properties Table of system properties used by Datomic
Transactions How to build and submit transactions
Transactor How to launch a transactor
Valcache Configure SSD-backed Valcache