Using Metabase

Metabase is an open-source interactive data analytics, visualization, and business intelligence tool. You can configure Metabase to use Datomic as a data source via the included "presto" connector.


  • Download Metabase from the Metabase Start Page, via the Custom Install - metabase.jar method
  • Start Metabase with:
java -jar metabase.jar
  • Point your browser to localhost:3000.
  • Select "Let's get started".
  • Fill out "What should we call you".
  • Select "I'll add my data later"
  • Select your preferred Usage data preferences.

Configuring Metabase for Datomic Analytics

In the Metabase window, browse to:

Settings → Admin → Databases → Add Database

Configure the connection to Datomic Analytics:

Database Type: Presto
Name: <give-it-a-name>
Host: <host>
Port: <port>
Database Name: <catalog>
Database Username: <user>
Database Password: <password>

Substituting appropriate values for name, host, port, and catalog