Datomic Properties Files

Example property files are in the config/samples directory of the Datomic distribution.

Reading Properties Files

Each property has a comment describing its use, plus one or more of the tags below:

property tag meaning
required no reasonable default, you must set this property
defaulted setup will default this property for you
generated setup will generate a unique value for you
optional property is not required

Understanding "Ensure" Commands

Some datomic command names start with "ensure", e.g. "ensure-transactor" and "ensure-cf". Ensure commands work as follows:

  • Take at least two property file arguments: input and output
  • Attempt to save a valid, complete properties file in output
  • Can apply defaults and provision new objects
  • Report anything short of "ready to go" as errors on the console

Ensure commands are idempotent. Calling an ensure command on a complete, valid properties file is a no-op, and will produce an output file identical to the input file.