Using Jupyter Notebook

To start with Jupyter Notebook, first follow the steps in the Python set up documentation.

Jupyter Notebook is an interactive web-based notebook frequently used for data analysis and visualization. You can access data stored in Datomic for analysis in Jupyter Notebook (or any Python-based system) using the PyHive Presto library.

Installing Jupyter

Use the venv created previously to perform the steps below.

  • From the directory created when making the venv (my-python-env):
  • Install Jupyter by running:
pip install jupyterlab

Using Jupyter Notebook with Datomic Analytics

  • Start a Jupyter Notebook with the following command:
jupyter notebook
  • Browse to the URL reported by this command
  • Create a new Python3 Notebook
  • To connect to your Datomic Analytics from Jupyter, use the configuration below:
from pyhive import presto
conn = presto.connect(
cur = conn.cursor()
  • Run a test query:
cur.execute('SELECT * FROM system.runtime.nodes')