Using Superset

Superset is an open-source business intelligence and data analytics platform that provides numerous statistical and visualization tools. You can configure Superset to use Datomic as a data source via the included "presto" connector.

First, follow the steps in the Python setup documentation.

Installing Superset

  1. Use the venv created previously. Start the virtual environment using the directory created when making the venv (my-python-env):
. venv/bin/activate
  1. Follow the Superset install and setup instructions in your Python venv, starting with:
pip install superset
  1. Once installed, launch Superset with:
superset run -p 8080 --with-threads --reload --debugger
  1. Use Ctrl-C to stop the Superset server.

It is only necessary to run these steps the first time you install Superset.

  1. To run it again in the future, return to the my-python-env directory and run:
. venv/bin/activate
superset run -p 8080 --with-threads --reload --debugger
  1. Once Superset is running, you can find it at localhost:8080 in a web browser.

Using Superset with Datomic Analytics

  1. In the Superset menu bar, click "sources" and then "databases".
  2. Click the + button to add a new database.
  3. Choose a name for the DB and enter it in the name field.
  4. In the SQL Alchemy URI field add the DB URI for the Datomic Analytics system by running the command below. Substitute host, port, catalog, and schema:
  1. To test the connection, click "test".
  2. Check the "expose in SQL lab" option.
  3. If desired, configure the remaining options.
  4. To create the data source, click "save".