You must first have a running Peer Server that is serving the database(s) you intend to connect to for analytics.

Running Presto

Launch your Presto server from the root of the Datomic distribution with the following command. Note that Presto server requires Java 11.

bin/presto run --etc-dir=<path-to-your-etc-dir>

where <path-to-your-etc-dir> is the path to your config etc directory.

Running bin/presto -h provides a list of the options that can be passed to the Presto launcher script.

The Presto server must be restarted any time you change your catalog files, however changes to metaschema files are adopted dynamically (in 1 minute or less).

See the metaschema documentation and metaschema grammar for more information on writing your metaschema.

You can view a monitoring dashboard by visiting localhost:8989 in a web browser.

The following pages include details on connecting to your analytics endpoint using a variety of tools: