Using Metabase

Metabase is an open-source interactive data analytics, visualization, and business intelligence tool. You can configure Metabase to use Datomic as a data source via the included Presto connector.


  1. Download Metabase from the Metabase download page.
  2. Start Metabase with:
java -jar metabase.jar
  1. Point your browser to localhost:3000.
  2. Select "let's get started".
  3. Fill out "what should we call you".
  4. Select "I'll add my data later".
  5. Select your preferred usage data preferences.

Configuring Metabase for Datomic Analytics

  1. In the Metabase window, click on settings → admin → databases → add Database.
  2. Configure the connection to Datomic Analytics by running the command below. Substitute appropriate values for name, host, port, user, password and catalog.
Database Type: Presto
Name: <give-it-a-name>
Host: <host>
Port: <port>
Database Name: <catalog>
Database Username: <user>
Database Password: <password>

Note that:

  • port is 8989 by default.
  • The user and password are your Trino server passwords, which default to admin and no password by default.
  • catalog is the catalog that you configured when setting up Datomic Analytics.