The JDBC analytics connection is read-only and intended for analytics applications and is not low latency. It should not be considered a substitute for the client api for programmatic access to Datomic.

Presto JDBC Driver

To use analytics support from JDBC, add the Presto JDBC Driver to your classpath. For applications, add this dependency to your maven XML:


If you are using a tool such as DBeaver, specify version 338 of the driver.


You can connect to a running analytics service via JDBC using the URI format:


Replacing <host>, <port>, <catalog>, <schema>, and <user> as appropriate for your analytics system:

  • host and port are the host and port of your running presto server (usually localhost:8998)
  • catalog is the name of your catalog
  • schema is the name of your Datomic database
  • user it not currently used, but some tools may require that you specify it

For catalog and schema, keep in mind the naming conventions.