Training Courses

Introductory Screencasts

Why Datomic, Part 1:

Stuart Halloway covers the architecture of Datomic at Datomic Conf 2015.

Why Datomic, Part 2:

Stuart Halloway describes transactions and query in detail at Datomic Conf 2015.

  • Introduction (Mar 2012, 21 minutes). Rich Hickey introduces Datomic.
  • Datomic Console (Oct 2013, 6 minutes). Stuart Halloway introduces Datomic Console.
  • Datalog (Mar 2012, 11 minutes). Stuart Halloway introduces Datomic Datalog.
  • Database Functions (May 2012, 9 minutes). Stuart Halloway explains database functions and transaction functions.

Datomic Team Presentations

Understanding & Using Reified Transactions

Tim Ewald describes in detail how transactions are modeled in Datomic at Datomic Conf 2015.

Clients in Control

David Nolen talks about how Datomic and Om worsk together at Datomic Conf 2015.

  • Riak Community Hangout 6 - Datomic (Jan 2014). Stuart Halloway discusses Datomic at a Riak Community Hangout.
  • Using Datomic with Riak (July 2013). Rich Hickey at RICON East 2013.
  • Datomic by Rich Hickey (Nov 2013). Rich Hickey presents Datomic at Hakka Labs.
  • Datomic, and How We Built It (Nov 2013). Stuart Halloway tells how Datomic was designed and built at SCNA.
  • The Functional Database (Oct 2013). Rich Hickey discusses how a functional database can impact the programming model, using Datomic as an example, but the principles apply to other systems using an immutable database.
  • Simulation Testing with Simulant (July 2013). Stuart Halloway discusses simulation-based testing using Simulant, a testing library built using Datomic.
  • Deconstructing the Database (Feb 2013). Rich Hickey deconstructs the monolithic database into separate services, transactions, storage, query, combining them with a data model based on atomic facts to provide new capabilities and tradeoffs.
  • Rich Hickey on Datomic, CAP, and ACID (Jan 2013). QCon SF 2012 interview with Rich Hickey.
  • Breaking Down Big Data with Datomic (Jan 2013). Stuart Sierra speaking at Chariot Solutions.
  • Exploring Datomic (Oct 2012). Tim Ewald explores Datomic's architecture and some of its implications, focused entirely on technical details.
  • Writing Datomic in Clojure (Oct 2012). Rich Hickey introduces Datomic, including architectural and implementation details.
  • The Impedance Mismatch is Our Fault (Oct 2012). Stuart Halloway explains what the impedance mismatch is and what can be done to solve it in the context of RDBMS, OOP, and NoSQL.
  • The Database as a Value (Sept 2012). Rich speaking at GOTO Chicago Functional Programming Night. Discusses the importance of immutability and time in representing information, the reification of process, and the mechanisms of durable persistent data structures

Community Presentations