Account Setup

This documentation covers making sure your AWS account is compatible with and correctly configured for Datomic Cloud.

Verify Region is EC2-VPC Only

If you created your AWS Account prior to Dec 4, 2013, or if you are unsure when you created your account, you need to run the steps below to verify that your account is compatible with Datomic Cloud.

Datomic Cloud requires an AWS account that supports only EC2-VPC. To verify that you have an EC2-VPC only region, follow these instructions in one of the supported regions. The supported regions are currently us-east-1, us-east-2, us-west-2, eu-central-1, ap-southeast-1, ap-southeast-2, and eu-west-1. If you are unfamiliar with AWS region codes, you can review available AWS region codes here.

  1. Open the Amazon EC2 console
  2. Use the navigation bar in the upper right to choose the region in which you will run Datomic.
  3. On the Amazon EC2 console dashboard, look for Supported Platforms under Account Attributes. If you see only "VPC", your region is EC2-VPC only, and you can run Datomic in this region.


    If you see "EC2" listed under Supported Platforms (even if you also see "VPC"), then this region is EC2-Classic, and you cannot run Datomic in this region at this time.


    If the region you checked is an EC2-Classic region, one of your other regions might still be an EC2-VPC only region, if you didn't use that region prior to Dec 4, 2013. Follow the above instructions to check in the other supported regions.

If you don't have any EC2-VPC only regions, you must create a new account to run Datomic Cloud at this time. You can associate it with your existing account(s) using AWS Consolidated Billing for Organizations .

To use consolidated billing, you must either have or create an Organization . You may then either associate existing accounts with it or create a new one

Raising the i3.large Instance Limit

Note: This section is for Production topology only. See Architecture for more information on the differences between Solo and Production topologies.

The Production topology requires 2 i3.large EC2 instances. Some AWS accounts have a default limit of 1 i3.large instance. To check your account instance limit, click on Limits in the EC2 Dashboard Menu:


Scroll down to find i3.large in the instance list and check the value of the Curent Limit:


If the Current Limit is less than 2, click the "Request limit increase" link and fill out the form, setting the limit as high as you plan to scale your system.


Once complete, submit the form and you will receive confirmation from AWS once your instance limit has been raised.