Deleting a System

Deleting a Datomic System requires two steps:

You should not delete region-wide shared resources.

Deleting CloudFormation Stacks

Deleting the CloudFormation stacks associated with a Datomic system removes all the active elements of the system (e.g. EC2 instances), while leaving your data intact.

You can delete CloudFormation stacks at any time, with no loss of data. You might do this e.g. to save computing costs for a system not in active use. To recreate the stacks later, simply follow the recreate storage and recreate compute instructions.

From your CloudFormation Dashboard delete all stacks associated with the system. as described below:

Single Template System

If you followed the initial Setting Up instructions and have never upgraded, your system will have a single top-level CloudFormation stack whose name is the system name. Simply delete this stack.

Multiple Template Systems

If you have ever upgraded the system, you will have multiple top-level stacks. Delete the stacks in the order shown below, waiting for each deletion to complete before continuing:

  • Query Groups (in any order)
  • Primary Compute
  • Storage

Deleting Durable Storage

Note: These steps will permanently delete all databases and logs.

Replace (System) and (Region) in the instructions below with your system name.

  • Delete the S3 bucket tagged with datomic:system=(System) in region (Region)
  • Delete the DynamoDB table in region (Region) named datomic-(System)
  • Delete the DynamoDB table in region (Region) named datomic-(System)-catalog
  • Delete the EFS in region (Region) named datomic-(System)
  • Delete the CloudWatch log group in region (Region) named datomic-(System)
  • Deregister the read and write DynamoDB scalable targets for datomic-(System)

At the time of this writing, the "Deregister scalable targets" step is not available in the AWS GUI console. Replace (Region) and (System) to run the AWS CLI commands shown below.

aws --region (Region) application-autoscaling \
deregister-scalable-target --service-namespace dynamodb \
--scalable-dimension dynamodb:table:WriteCapacityUnits \
--resource-id table/datomic-(System)
aws --region (Region) application-autoscaling \
deregister-scalable-target --service-namespace dynamodb \
--scalable-dimension dynamodb:table:ReadCapacityUnits \
--resource-id table/datomic-(System)

Region-wide Shared Resources

Datomic creates some resources that are shared by all systems in a region. You should not delete these resources when deleting a system, as you will disrupt other systems.

Delete these resources only if after deleting all Datomic systems in a region.