Datomic Cloud Releases

This page provide CloudFormation templates, client maven coordinates, and release notes that you can use when planning an upgrade.

Current Release

ArtifactRelease DateRelease
Clojure Client06/06/2018com.datomic/client-cloud "0.8.54"

Critical Notices

No critical notices at present.

Release History

Blanks in this table indicate that a component was not upgraded in a particular release.

DateCFT VersionSummaryStorageSoloProductionClient
06/06/2018397Storage and Compute Update"0.8.54"
02/21/2018303Storage and Compute Update
01/15/2018297Initial Release

Release Notes

0.8.54: Jun 06 2018 Client Update

397-8384: Jun 06 2018 Storage and Compute Template Update

  • Enhancement: Datomic Ions
  • Improvement: Replaced Application Load Balancer with Network Load Balancer. If your applications run in a separate VPC you will need to configure a VPC endpoint.

303-8300: Feb 21 2018 Storage and Compute Template Update

  • Bugfix: doubles and floats allowed in transactions
  • Bugfix: avoid unnecessary ":AdopterSkippedOlder" alert when creating new database
  • Update: latest Amazon Linux patches
  • Improvement: better error handling in Storage template
  • Improvement: reduce memcached timeout

297-8291: Initial Release