Turning Off Unused Compute Resources

While you can delete a compute stack at any time without loss of data, it is often be useful to instead temporarily turn down unused compute capacity in a Datomic system. This is achieved by setting the scaling capacity targets for your compute group's auto scaling group to 0:

Adjusting the ASG

CLI Tools - Solo Topology

The datomic solo CLI Tool command can be used to set the ASG to 0 or 1 for Solo Topology Systems.

AWS Console

Select your stack (query group or primary compute group) in the Auto Scaling Group Console and click the "Edit" button:


In the dialog box that appears, set the Desired Capacity, Min, and Max to 0 and click "Save".

The ASG will terminate all nodes of that compute or query group without removing any of the other system resources. When you wish to re-activate your capacity, edit the same ASG and set the scaling capacity targets back to their original values.