Get Connected

This page walks your through configuring Client API connectivity to a Datomic system from outside the Datomic VPC. This takes two steps:


This page assumes that an administrator has already:

Before you configure Client API connectivity to a Datomic database from outside the VPC, you need to:

Connect to the Access Gateway

To connect to the access gateway, run the datomic-access script to create an SOCKS proxy connection, passing client and your system name:

bash datomic-access client [system-name]

The script will continue to run once launched.

Test Access Gateway Connection

Run the following command to test your system's ability to reach Datomic through the SOCKS proxy, replacing [system], [region]. and [port] with your system-name, region and port.

curl -x socks5h://localhost:[port] http://entry.[system].[region]

On success, this commadn will return text like:

{:s3-auth-path [bucket-name]}

Any other response indicates a failure to connect. Carefully review the prerequisites and steps on this page. If you feel that you have completed each step correctly, see the troubleshooting documentation.

If you are trying Datomic for the first time, a good next step is the Client API Tutorial.